With four decades of real estate tax accounting experience in the Glendale, Burbank & Pasadena areas,  Robert Hall & Associates accounting firm has helped countless real estate agents, investors & developers implement the best tax strategies and enhance the values of their real estate holdings. Get real estate tax planning and preparation tips from the real estate accounting experts at Robert Hall & Associates below.

the tax advantages of real estate 5 reasons to invest

The Tax Advantages of Real Estate: 5 Reasons to Invest

Real estate investments have many tax advantages that reduce your yearly expenses and maximize return on investment. This article will look at five reasons why investing in real estate is a better option than other investments such as stocks and mutual funds. 1. Real estate offers many tax deductions Real estate offers several opportunities to…
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renting real estate tax deductions 1031 exchange tips QA with stephen hall and real estate mogul steve rozenberg

Q&A with Stephen Hall and Real Estate Mogul Steve Rozenberg

Stephen Hall, shareholder at Robert Hall & Associates, discusses having the right entity structure for real estate investors in a Facebook live video with real estate mogul Steve Rozenberg. He stated you should “maximize your wealth as a landlord. It’s not about what you make it’s about what you keep, and it’s important to plan…
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apartment building investors changes in 1301 exchanges and cost segregation

Apartment Building Investors – Changes in 1031 Exchanges and Cost Segregation

Apartment building investors – this podcast is for you! Eric Christopher of WSC Realty advisors interviewed Tony Watson, EA on his Everything Apartments podcast. They talk about whether or not the Biden administration will enact sweeping changes to the 1031 exchange and how will these changes could affect Apartment Investors. And, they discussed a little-known…
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CPAs Vs Other Tax Pros: Which One Do You Need?

In the US, there are a number of professionals who can help you make sense of the US tax code: CPAs, accountants, and tax preparers. The difference in titles is there for a good reason as they have different level of competencies and qualifications. If you own a small business requiring an uncomplicated tax return,…
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