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Crypto Tax Preparation Tips

Tax season is upon us, and millions of Americans are learning for the first time that their cryptocurrency investments may be taxable just like any other investments and income they’ve generated. Believe it or not, this wasn’t always the case. For years and years, Bitcoin investors were able to sort of float beneath the radar…
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new tax payer tips

Tax Planning Tips for New Tax Payers

Tax season is always stressful (especially for new taxpayers) but becomes much easier to manage with a bit of preparation. Sure, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the paperwork and the complexity of the US tax code. But by getting your “ducks in a row” early on and working with experienced tax preparation experts…
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tax preparation tips

7 Tax Preparation Tips For Easy Tax Filing

There aren’t a lot of people in the country that get excited about tax season rolling around – even if you expect to get a refund from the IRS! Always filled with stress, frustration, and at least a little bit of anxiety, tackling taxes is never a walk in the park. With the help of…
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california home office deduction

California Home Office Deduction   

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the day-to-day realities of work in so many different ways, but it’s really helped to usher in the “Era of Remote Work” and work from home opportunities. Millions of people in California alone have gone from going to the office every day to working from their kitchen table or spare…
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tax deadline

2021 Federal & State Tax Deadlines

2021 Federal Tax Deadline Tax Day in the United States has (almost) always been April 15, but this year – like so much about our everyday lives – is a little bit different because of the global pandemic. The US government and the IRS have decided to push back Tax Day in 2021 by a…
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tax deadlines

State Tax Deadline for Individuals

State Tax Deadline for Individuals Postponed Until May 17, 2021 With COVID 19 changing most aspects of our everyday lives, it comes as no surprise to anyone that tax season has been impacted by the pandemic, too. The federal government and the IRS have elected to push back the traditional “Tax Day” of April 15…
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covid tax preparation

How the COVID-19 Relief Bill May Affect Your Taxes

COVID-19 Relief Payments and Benefits Navigating tax season this year is a little more complex because of the economic relief stimulus payments and unemployment benefits that millions of Americans received in 2020. There’s a lot of uncertainty about how the tax implications those payments are going to have (if any) on Americans getting ready to…
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Smart Ways to Use Tax Refund

The Most Popular Tax Deductions For Influencers

Phones and Phone Accessories The US tax code allows businesses to write off and expense the technology they use to conduct business, and the overwhelming majority of influencers are using their phone for work – many of them even using it as a digital “base of operations” to run their whole influencer empire. Clothing, Accessories,…
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