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With four decades of real estate accounting experience, Robert Hall & Associates has become a leader in the real estate industry for tax preparation. The multi-faceted nature of Robert Hall & Associates allows our firm to specialize in this industry on a micro-level. By concentrating on tax structuring for investors, agents, brokers, developers, and property managers, Robert Hall & Associates can cater to the specific deductions of each division in order to ensure maximum tax efficiency. Our real estate tax consultants will work to:

  • Structure tax efficient entities for various real estate activities
  • Conduct a portfolio analysis
  • Property tax analysis, negotiation, and representation
  • Help create a tax strategy that allows you to legally keep as much money as possible
  • Help you make smart real estate investment decisions
  • Prepare your annual tax returns

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Robert Hall & Associates has over 45 years assisting real estate developers and investors implement the best strategies and enhance the values of their real estate holdings. We know how competitive and fast-paced the industry is, so our tax consultants will provide the latest information, anticipate needs, and offer solutions that clients might not have considered. See the difference the right real estate accountant can make for your business. Call 818.242.4888 today or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation.

What Our Real Estate Clients Are Saying

Taxes can be very overwhelming! I had worked with two other CPA’s over the years and being an independent contractor with a corporation, it can be confusing managing the different accounts. Tony was super easy to book in with and while I was there, was able to pull up all my old information, get things organized again, and set up a plan for future tax payments. Instead of endless back forth conversations and emails, he handled it all on the spot. He’s also an enjoyable person to be around! I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great new accountant.

Keri White, Real Estate Agent - Beverly Hills, CA

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