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When you live in the spotlight, you want a tax advisor capable of standing discreetly by your side. Located in Los Angeles County since 1971, Robert Hall & Associates has made a name for itself in the heart of the entertainment industry. With years of experience in entertainment tax preparation, our tax consulting firm has developed a list of potential entertainment industry deductions to help increase profitability and decrease liability. Whether you are an actor, model, agent, director, writer, publisher, or anything in between our tax experts are equipped to help.

Accounting and Tax Services Designed for Entertainment Professionals

By understanding the atmosphere of the industry, our accountants have developed a preparation method that is used specifically for entertainment professionals. In addition to tax preparation services we offer our entertainment clients financial management services including:

  • Insurance analysis
  • Risk management
  • Wealth management
  • Estate management
  • Planning for long-term financial security

Some of the many tax considerations we help with that are unique or indicative of the entertainment industry include:

  • Deductible Expenses: Those who work in entertainment may deduct expenses including travel (hotel, meals, etc.), vehicle and transportation, equipment, supplies, wardrobe, home office expenses, legal and professional fees, video costs, agent fees, promotional expenses, etc. We advise on how to obtain your maximum in deductions, lowering your annual tax burden.
  • Handling of Royalties: As a potential income stream received over time, royalty payments offer a specific tax challenge that we can help you navigate and plan for over the long term.
  • Contract Negotiations: The terms of contracts can have significant tax implications. We can provide early consultation during the negotiation process, so you know which deal terms to include and where the potential red flags may lie.
  • Expense Timing: Many professionals in the entertainment business do not receive income on a regular, bi-weekly basis. We can provide planning for expense payments, so your cash flow is steady between jobs.

Whether you are new to the entertainment industry or a seasoned veteran, our consultants have the expertise to provide trustworthy personal and business financial advice in order to maximize your wealth. For additional information about our entertainment accounting services, call us at 818.242.4888 or fill out our contact us form.

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