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Knowledge is power. Stay on top of the latest tax laws, strategies, and tips from the tax professionals at Robert Hall & Associates. Wondering what the difference between Enrolled Agents and CPAs are? How about any tax deductions you might be missing? Find the answers to these questions and more here!

Internet & Technology Accountants & Tax Preparation Service

Robert Hall & Associates specializes in tax, accounting, and business structuring for eCommerce, Digital Media, Software and other technology businesses. Located in Los Angeles County since 1971, Robert Hall & Associates has made a name for itself by assisting established and start-up technology businesses throughout California and nationally. With years of experience in technology accounting…
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Election 2020: President Trump’s Planned Tax Plans

President Trump and his administration had planned on sharing details regarding their tax plan for a potential second term should he be re-elected, but the coronavirus delayed this reveal. The President’s team has committed to releasing more information regarding the tax approach for 2021 and beyond before Election Day and have already started to share…
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A Brief Analysis of Joe Biden’s Tax Plan

A Brief Analysis of Joe Biden’s Tax Plan  2020 has been a particularly challenging year in a lot of ways, the US (and the rest of the world) has been hit hard by COVID 19. Shutting things down to protect lives was never an easy decision, but the one that had to be made, and the…
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Tax Preparation During COVID (Some Frequently Asked Questions)

Are tax preparation offices and tax preparers open during COVID? Yes, Robert Hall & Associates is committed to helping our clients prepare taxes in an easy and safe environment. Our clients can choose to either work remotely with our tax preparers via phone or video chat. We are currently working with our clients remotely. We…
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When: Thursday, September 24th 2020 Webinar: 7:00pm – 8:00pm The National Expert on financial privacy and asset protection, Randy Hughes )Mr. Land Trust), has agreed to deliver a presentation for us during which he is going to explain how protecting your assets can actually cut your cost of real estate investing. Randy will discuss: -Make…
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How Can I Find The Best Tax Consultant?

Looking for the best tax consultant for you or your business? Every year a little over 33% of all Americans hire tax preparers to help them navigate tax season.  The complexity of the American tax code means that small changes in tax planning or tax strategy can have a huge impact on the final tax bill. A tax consultant needs to be…
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Can a Tax Preparer Save Me Money?

There isn’t an American employee or entrepreneur not interested in reducing their tax burden.  Most taxpayers are willing to pay their fair share of taxes, but no taxpayer wants to pay more taxes than what is legally owed. That’s a big part of why so many taxpayers choose to hire professional tax preparers in the first place.  Working with legitimate tax preparation experts can help taxpayers better navigate the complexity of the US…
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Do I Need  A Business  Accountant?

You’re here because you’re wondering: At what point is it a good idea to hire an accountant for  m y business?  Let’s dive in.   How to find out if you need an accountant   If you’re a small business owner, then you might be wondering if you need a business accountant. In this  article, we will outline 7 reasons you might need an accountant. …
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Unemployment Benefits Are Taxable

The US economy has taken a considerable hit following the Covid-19 pandemic, which sadly means that millions of people have filed for unemployment. Anyone who falls into this category must be aware of the tax implications here. Knowing whether and to which extent unemployment benefits are subject to taxation can help maximize funds available for living expenses and avoid a large tax bill during tax season.    Unemployment Benefits Are Taxed   Taxation differs according to the state…
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