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california incorporation

The Guide to Organizing Your California Startup Business

Getting your startup business off the ground takes a lot of work. The key to success is keeping everything organized throughout the process. When you have your affairs in order, you’ll avoid many of the common complications involved with starting a new business. The first few months of a business can be the most stressful…
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Los Angeles tax problems

How to Resolve Common Tax Problems

Tax problems come in various shapes and sizes. You may have problems with your federal taxes, state taxes, or even with sales taxes. As the IRS has continues to boost their enforcement tactics, tax problems can result in serious issues and fines. If you have received a notice from the IRS or a state revenue…
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apartment building investors changes in 1301 exchanges and cost segregation

Apartment Building Investors – Changes in 1031 Exchanges and Cost Segregation

Apartment building investors – this podcast is for you! Eric Christopher of WSC Realty advisors interviewed Tony Watson, EA on his Everything Apartments podcast. They talk about whether or not the Biden administration will enact sweeping changes to the 1031 exchange and how will these changes could affect Apartment Investors. And, they discussed a little-known…
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signs you should get professional tax assistance for your influencer taxes

Signs You Should Get Professional Tax Assistance For Your Influencer Taxes

Social media influencers (generally) don’t have a lot of extra time in their day to manage proper tax preparation. This is a career driven by constant content creation and almost around-the-clock engagement with their followers. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to keep a social media influencer operation running. Photography, filming videos,…
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best legal entity for freelancers

Is a Sole-Proprietorship, LLC or S-Corp the Best Legal Entity for Your Freelancer Business?   

Though there are plenty of freelancers that have real success in running a totally bootstrapped business without ever thinking about how to structure it legally, there are a couple of big benefits freelancers would enjoy by incorporating their operation. Legal protection and taxes being the biggest of the bunch! At the same time, though, there’s…
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5 Reasons to Incorporate Your Influencer Business

If you are serious about turning your social media influence into a lucrative business, it’s important to start thinking more strategically about your operation – especially when it comes to incorporation. Sure, there are plenty of social media influencers that are still making a good go of it as sole proprietors. But a lot of…
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freelancer taxes

A Freelancer’s Guide to Taxes   

Navigating tax time as a freelancer can be a little challenging. Moving from the employee world of taxes to the self-employed side can be a bit jarring. There are different forms to use, different taxes to pay, different deductions to make, and that’s just the beginning. Combine that with the complexities of tracking revenue, recording…
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When is the Best Time to Switch to an S Corp?   

The majority of S Corporation businesses did not start out as S Corporation businesses. According to the Small Business Administration, most businesses are started as sole proprietorships. 73.2% of all small businesses, in fact, operate under that legal structure. Some businesses, though, eventually outgrow the sole proprietorship structure. That’s when business owners start to think…
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tax preparation influencer

The Ultimate Tax Guide for Social Media Influencers

Preparing for tax season as a social media influencer can be frustrating and confusing. This business introduces some unique tax challenges that need to be handled, challenges that most people working as employees (with a W-2) never even have to consider. Adding into the mix, having to constantly put out content and juggle other daily…
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