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A Definitive Cryptocurrency Tax Guide

Have you dabbled in cryptocurrency this year? If so, understanding what the IRS deems a taxable crypto event is essential. Whether you’re an experienced currency trader or are just starting crypto mining, exchanging, spending, or receiving, you must comply with the tax implications. The reporting method you should utilize depends on how you received or…
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Tax Planning Tips For Individuals In California

Most people just receive their tax returns and call it a day. Very few engage in proper tax planning, which is a great shame. People will be surprised at how much cash they can save with the right planning. In this article, we are going to share some top tax planning tips for individuals in…
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2022 Tax Season: Important Dates & Deadlines

Tax season 2022 is upon us. This means that it is time to start filing your tax return. If you don’t do it by the deadline, then you run the risk of rather hefty financial penalties. If you have filed a tax return before, then you will know that your tax return is often due…
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california llc fees

California LLC and Corporate Taxes and Fees   

Incorporating a business in California is sometimes more challenging (and more expensive) than people realize. It’s not just that the actual process for filing to start an LLC or corporation is unique , but it’s also that there are quite a few California LLC corporate taxes and fees that new business owners may be unaware…
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941 tax problem

Los Angeles Tax Lien Representation   

Few situations are a stressful as dealing with a tax lien from the IRS. Any surprise communication from the IRS is always going to introduce a little bit of anxiety. But when you open an envelope and discover that the IRS is assessing a tax lien on a property or asset you own, things suddenly…
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back tax payment services unfiled back tax returns

Back Tax Payment Services (Unfiled Back Tax Returns)

Each year, most Americans file their taxes ahead of the April 15 deadline – but not all of them. Every single year the IRS reports that millions of Americans simply don’t file their taxes at all, even when they have earned income that the IRS would consider taxable. There are a variety of different reasons…
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How to Register & Incorporate Your Business in Los Angeles, CA

Starting a business is one of the most exciting yet challenging steps in life. Knowing which forms to fill and the laws to follow  takes time and research. Before opening, you will be required to register a new business with the County of Los Angeles. To register, you will need your company’s information, a taxpayer…
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child family tax credit

All Your Los Angeles Child Tax Credit Questions Answered

Thousands of Americans are still seeking clarity around the child tax credit. We’ve put together the important information about this credit below to help you know what it is, and when and how you can receive it. What is the child tax credit? The child tax credit is a government assistance credit for families with…
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child tax credit

How to Get Your Child Tax Credit Payments

The American Rescue Plan Act was designed to help the United States recover in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Similarly, the Child Tax Credit is to help American taxpayers have a break on their taxes to give them a credit per child. The two programs will help families with children stay above the poverty…
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california incorporation

The Guide to Organizing Your California Startup Business

Getting your startup business off the ground takes a lot of work. The key to success is keeping everything organized throughout the process. When you have your affairs in order, you’ll avoid many of the common complications involved with starting a new business. The first few months of a business can be the most stressful…
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