Want to know how the 2018 tax reform will affect you? Perhaps you are debating hiring an Enrolled Agent or a CPA? Considering utilizing TurboTax or another tax software program? Whatever questions you have, our tax experts have the answers! Get the latest tax advice and tips from the experts at Robert Hall & Associates. Browse our tax-related articles below or contact us to schedule a consult.

Turbo Tax vs Credit Karma

TurboTax has been the market leader for decades when it comes to DIY tax filing. But its reign has been challenged by Credit Karma Tax, which offered filings at zero cost. What we did was try both, and we’ve discovered that each one serves a specific type of user. Which one fits your need? Read…
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Turbo Tax Review

TurboTax is a DIY tax preparation software package, and is is one of the most commonly used software of its kind in the US. It has been around for decades, and if you’re wondering if it’s still worth using in 2020, read this review before you pull out your credit card. Is TurboTax free? It…
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How to Lower Your Tax Amidst the New Tax Law

President Trump’s new tax law was meant to eliminate breaks and complicated loopholes for the wealthy, but it instead ushered in a new set of exploits for taxpayers. Many strategies rely on legislative provisions that provide incentives, such as a generous discount for owners of pass-through companies such as corporations, and a higher deduction rate…
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Five Tax Incentives and Exemptions in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the most expensive cities in the world. A thriving manufacturing sector and a remarkable start-up scene contributed to the city’s high cost of living. Thankfully, the City of Los Angeles provides a number of tax exemptions and programs that can eliminate or reduce your tax liability. Take note of the…
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Tax Deductions for Small Businesses

Tax deductions are invaluable to small businesses, because the money they save is invested back to the business instead of going to the government. A number of expenditures can be written off, but it’s also a matter of knowing which ones. A number of deductions are available for different entities. C corporations, S corporations, partnerships,…
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