Want to know how the 2018 tax reform will affect you? Perhaps you are debating hiring an Enrolled Agent or a CPA? Considering utilizing TurboTax or another tax software program? Whatever questions you have, our tax experts have the answers! Get the latest tax advice and tips from the experts at Robert Hall & Associates. Browse our tax-related articles below or contact us to schedule a consult.

Individual Extension Deadline For Federal Returns: What You Need to Know

Are you aware the IRS allows individuals who apply a six-month extension to file their federal tax return? If you answered “no,” you’re not alone. Many U.S. citizens do not take advantage of this incredible opportunity. If you answered “yes,” and you did file for an individual extension for your federal tax return, then you…
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Tax Advantages of S-Corporations and C-Corporations

Considering incorporating your business? There are many benefits to incorporating your business these days, but one of the first things you’ll have to decide is which entity is right for you. To help start your decision-making process, we’ve compiled an easy break down of two different corporation types—s-corps and c-corps—as well as the tax advantages…
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Entertainment Tax Preparation: What’s Changed with the Tax Reform

Burbank, California is full of creative types, and whether you’re an actor, agent, director, or publisher, keeping track of expensable and non-expensable deductions for tax purposes can be a hassle. From dining with clients to hosting industry parties, your end-of-the-year expenses are bound to be drastically different from those working a 9 to 5 office…
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How the New Tax Changes Benefit Glendale Small Businesses

While we’ve previously discussed the ways the Trump Tax Plan has affected individuals, like how W2 employees can no longer deduct non-reimbursed business expense from their tax return or the ability for 1099 employees to fully deduct expenses against their self-employed revenue, we haven’t yet discussed the ways the new tax laws affect local small…
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Tax Advice for Glendale Small Businesses

Are you a small business owner in the Glendale area or beyond? With tax season drawing near, we recognize that this time of year is often a stressful time for small business owners. That’s why Robert Hall & Associates makes it our mission to provide our clients with top-notch tax solutions for a worry-free tax…
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