Man reading letter from IRS

You’ve Received an IRS Audit Letter…Now What

Man reading letter from IRS

Did you receive a letter from the IRS requesting an audit? Don’t know who to turn to or what to do next?

There’s no need to panic. The tax professionals at Robert Hall & Associates have helped numerous individuals and businesses navigate the often stressful and confusing IRS audit process.

With over four decades of audit representation experience, we’ll quickly assess your situation, offer a plan of action, and help to put your mind at ease.


What To Do When You Receive Your IRS Audit Letter

The IRS can audit any of your tax returns for the past three years. However, if significant discrepancies are found during the audit process, they can go back as far as six years.

Your IRS letter will inform you which return(s) the IRS would like to examine as well as what documents, like income statements or expense reports, they will evaluate to confirm accuracy.

You have 30 days to respond to an audit notice, however, it’s imperative you contact your tax advisor as soon as possible so they can construct a composed strategy to prepare for the audit.

You will want to make sure you provide your tax advisor with the requested documents in the letter. If you realize you have misplaced these records, let your tax advisor know as soon as possible so duplicates can be produced.


Why Hire an Enrolled Agent to Assist with your IRS Audit?

Although individuals can represent themselves in IRS tax audits, we strongly advise anyone who receives an IRS audit letter to contact their local tax professional to assist them with audit process.

At Robert Hall & Associates, our tax professionals are Enrolled Agents, which means they are empowered by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to represent taxpayers for audits, collections, and appeals before all administrative levels of the Internal Revenue Service.

IRS agents are seasoned professionals and any slip up on your end threatens to land you in trouble. Your Enrolled Agent will legally represent you in your tax audit and make sure all affairs are in order.


What Happens After the Tax Audit?

After the interview, the IRS examiner will present an audit report that details whether you owe additional taxes and penalties or not.

If you’re unable to pay the accrued tax and accumulated interest, our tax professionals can negotiate an IRS installment agreement or offer in compromise on your behalf.

If you and your tax advisor disagree with the examiner’s findings, you can request an appeal with the IRS Office of Appeals within 30 days of receiving the audit results.


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