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2021 Federal & State Tax Deadlines

2021 Federal Tax Deadline

Tax Day in the United States has (almost) always been April 15, but this year – like so much about our everyday lives – is a little bit different because of the global pandemic.

The US government and the IRS have decided to push back Tax Day in 2021 by a little bit more than a month, moving it to May 17.

There are a couple of other important “tax days” American citizens will want to know about throughout 2021, too. We highlight them in the rest of this guide as well!

Tax Day Has Been Delayed in 2021

As just mentioned a moment ago, the official Tax Day for filing your taxes has been moved from April 15, 2021 to May 17, 2021.

This delay was put in place because of how hectic this last year has been, particularly when it comes to the way we earned money.

Lots of people have questions about whether or not stimulus payments are taxable (they aren’t), whether or not unemployment benefits are taxable (they may be), and how they should handle taxes during a “work from home” kind of scenario we’ve never seen before.

The extra month should provide a little extra breathing room for folks to sort things out, eliminating at least a little bit of the stress and anxiety tax season always brings about.

Important Tax Days in 2021

Of course, there are other important tax days to know about in 2021 as well.

You’ll want to be sure that your calendar has a reminder for these important dates if they apply to you and your specific tax situation.

April 15 – First Quarterly Installment Payments are Due

Even though the official tax filing day has been moved back to May 17, the first installment of estimated quarterly payments for business owners, independent contractors, sole proprietors, and self-employed individuals are due on April 15 the same way they are every year.

Follow-on payments are also going to be due on June 15, September 15, and January 18 of 2022 as well.

June 15 – Federal Tax Filing Day for Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma

American citizens living or working in Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma have seen their official Tax Filing Day pushed further back than the May 17 date for 2021, too.

Instead of having to get their taxes filed by May 17, Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma filers are going to have until June 15 to take care of this important paperwork.

This is because of the horrific storms that struck the area in February, leaving people without power, heat, and water for weeks at a time. The IRS wanted to make sure that these individuals had plenty of extra time to get their taxes taken care of in light of this devastation.

October 15 – Deadline Day for Tax Filing Extensions

October 15, 2021 is the official “Extended Tax Filing Day” for US citizens that apply for and receive an extension from the IRS.

There are a couple of ways people can get an extension request submitted to the IRS, but the fastest way is to simply fill out Form 4868 (physically or through any of the tax preparation software options out there).

Keep those dates in mind and you’ll never have to worry about missing an important tax milestone in 2021 for sure!

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