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For over four decades, Robert Hall & Associates has been proud to service law enforcement professionals and firefighters in Glendale, Burbank, and Pasadena. With over 45 years of accounting and tax preparation experience, Robert Hall & Associates has developed specific strategies to help industry professionals lower individual tax liability and promote financial stability.

Our educated tax professionals stay up to date on the latest tax laws to help protect your assets. For example, under the prior tax code, police officers and firefighters could deduct specific work-related costs incurred throughout the year. Under the 2018 Tax Reform, W2 wage earners are no longer able to itemize their non-reimbursed business expenses (such as uniforms and equipment, union dues, continuing education coasts, work-relation transportation coats, and association memberships) on their federal tax return. Contact your tax advisor to see how this affects your tax return.

Don’t Miss Out On Tax Deductions You’re Entitled To

The average CPA or tax preparer does not know the unique deductions available to law enforcement and firefighting professionals. This means your “family tax preparer” is probably costing you money.   As police officers and firefighters, you are out there every day, protecting and serving your community; you don’t have time to worry about the financial opportunities you may be missing.  Let our dedicated tax consultants do the heavy lifting for you to ensure your financial stability! In addition to tax preparation, our consultants offer a wide variety of financial services including:

If you are looking for a knowledgeable professional capable of getting the most out of your tax returns and help secure your financial future, call Robert Hall & Associates at 818.242.4888 or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation.

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