Everything You Need To Know About The New SAG-AFTRA Influencer Agreement

Basic SAG-AFTRA Requirements

The idea of someone making any money on social media – let alone creating a legitimate career or business as a “social media influencer” – would have been thought to be almost impossible even just five or six years ago.

Today, however, influencers all over the country (and all over the world) are becoming a prominent source of content and revenue. The industry has grown from a small micro-industry to a large enough industry that influencers can now join the SAG-AFTRA union.

SAG-AFTRA’s new Influencers Agreement, which the national board approved earlier this month, allows social media creators of sponsored content to join the union just like any other commercial performer. This is a new evolution as the union has not previously offered memberships to Influencers.

Membership provides influencers with full member benefits (including healthcare and pension benefits) as well everything else that comes with being a member of SAG-AFTRA.

At present only some Influencers will be eligible to sign the Influencer Agreement.

According to the union’s Influencers Agreement fact sheet:

• Hazardous stunts, gratuitous nudity and sexual content are not permitted under the Influencer Agreement.
• Presently, only Influencers who perform alone can sign the Influencer Agreement.
• There are no provisions for ensemble use.
• The Influencer must be incorporated.
• The Influencer must produce their content themselves with no involvement by any third-party production entity.
• The Influencer must own their own intellectual property.
• There are limits to how the Influencer content may be used. Exhibition is allowed only on the Influencer’s and advertiser’s social media feeds, YouTube channels and websites.
• Influencer content creation cannot be combined with another covered service.
• Influencers will be bound by the same membership rules as their fellow members.

SAG-AFTRA Incorporation Requirements

In order to qualify for SAG membership, influencers need to be an incorporated or registered as a corporation or LLC. Influencers registered as partnerships, sole proprietorships, or other business forms are not allowed.

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