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Thinking of incorporating your Pasadena business? Whether you’re in the thinking stage or the middle of the incorporation process, the award-winning business and tax professionals at Robert Hall & Associates can help. With over four decades of experience, we handle the hard stuff so you don’t have to.

When you sit down to meet with our Enrolled Agents, we’ll clear up your questions about the incorporation process including: “What paperwork do I need to file?”; “Which entity is right for my business?” and “Is now the right time to incorporate?” Once we get a full picture of where you and your business are going, we’ll get to work on the incorporation process.

Then, when it comes to preparing your incorporation paperwork, we’ll walk you through the process and help you take advantage of the built-in tax benefits for your entity.

Why Have Robert Hall & Associates Incorporate Your Business?

Incorporating your business can be a confusing and lengthy process. When you file legal documents with the federal government, if they’re not filled out correctly, civil penalties are involved.

Rather than guessing your way through the incorporation paperwork, file your business’s incorporation right the first time when you sit down with a trusted tax advisor like Robert Hall & Associates. In addition to making sure everything is filed correctly, we’ll make sure your business is getting the best tax benefit possible.

What does this mean for my Pasadena business? Our tax professionals at Robert Hall & Associates are Enrolled Agents who live and breathe the tax code. We’ll make sure your maximizing your tax benefit under the new entity by avoid common tax mistakes and maximize deductions that CPA firms often overlook.

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