How to Use Real Estate to Create Multiple Streams of Passive Income for Financial Freedom

When: Thursday August 10th, 2017

Checkin: 6:30pm
Seminar: 7:00pm

Cost: Free

Come learn about the top 3 Real Estate Investing methods to achieve financial freedom!  Speakers include Tony Watson, a federally licensed tax practitioner with experience managing large real estate holdings, Ivan Oberon, a Senior Underwriter of Paradyme Funding and seasoned Real Estate Investor, and Ryan J. Garland, CEO of Paradyme Funding.

During this event, participants will learn about the guidelines, requirements and pros & cons of investing in a Regulation A+ Real Estate Investment Fund. Also, participants will learn about potentially higher yielding and shorter term Trust Deed Investments, otherwise known as direct investments. Speakers will discuss your options, requirements and share case studies to increase your understanding of this topic.

Additional topics include:

  • Basic estate and gift tax concepts and how they impact your estate.
  • Semi Passive:  Rental Properties!
  • Learn about 4 of today’s top markets.
  • Learn about the top 10 tax benefits and deductions for rental property owners.
  • Learn about the most important member on your team—your Property Manager.
  • Learn about the best rental property lenders, what their requirements are and how to connect with them.
  • Learn about the differences and benefits between Class A and Class B rental properties.
  • See case studies.

Seating is limited so be sure to Register Now!

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