What Really Happened in Real Estate in 2022 & Where Will the Opportunities be in 2023?

Tuesday, January 31 2023
Webinar: 6:00pm – 7:00pm PST

Robert Hall & Associates is super excited to launch a new and unique webinar series, where we do a deep dive into the real estate market, on the last Tuesday of every month!

We will be partnering up with Aram Gaboudian, an experienced realtor and investor, who will be bringing over 25 years of knowledge to this ongoing series. He will go over “boots on the ground” lessons learned last year and will discuss how to take advantage of uncertain trends in the 2023 Real Estate market for investment or for a primary residence.

2022 was chaotic in real estate and some did very well. Many Buyers found the timing was good to leverage and buy good deals while some Sellers got unexpectedly higher prices.

We will be discussing:
• Tough lessons learned from 2022 and how inflation really effected real estate.
• Secret wealth building strategies in real estate in 2023.
• Creative financing methods building huge Buyer and Seller opportunities.
• New real estate laws you can use to your advantage.
• Strategies to protect yourself from Seller and Buyer mistakes.
• Ways to best protect your assets and achieve tax advantages through incorporating

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