Webinar #3: Increasing Value and Profits on Inheritance Real Estate

Tuesday, March 28th 2023
Webinar: 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Robert Hall & Associates is super excited to launch a new and unique webinar series, where we do a deep dive into the real estate market, on the last Tuesday of every month! While we will be providing the tax advice, we will be partnering up with Aram Gaboudian, an experienced realtor and investor, who will be bringing over 25 years of knowledge to this ongoing series.

In this webinar, Aram will show you how to increase the value of your Inheritance real estate and show rent vs sell scenarios. When the unfortunate time of passing comes, you must be ready. We will show you how to make more and keep more.

Aram Gaboudian will be discussing:
• Renting versus selling your inheritance property
• Exchanging and “uplegging” your property into higher performance
• Tactics focusing on reducing liability when transferred
• The benefits and disadvantages of a reverse mortgage

A special guest who specializes in reverse mortgages will be joining the panel.

We will also have Tony Watson of Robert Hall & Associates talk about ways to protect your wealth and keep more of what’s yours! Whether you’ve just acquired your first rental property, or have been an avid investor for some time, understanding the different ways to protect your assets should be top of mind.

This is never a cut and dry decision, though, as it’s important to understand which is right for you, its benefits, drawbacks, and everything in between.

Tony Watson will help you understand how you can best protect your assets and achieve tax advantages through incorporating. Some of the topics he’ll discuss are:

• Entity selection: LLC, C Corp, S Corp – Tax implications of each
• Cost Segregation
• The difference between an LLC, a trust, & an insurance policy
• 1031 exchanges
• Changes in the tax code for 2023

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