Wealth, Rights and Real Estate in 2021

When: Tuesday, November 10th 2020

Webinar: 11:00am – 12:00pm

Dutch Mendenhall is the nation’s leading expert on tax liens and tax deeds. He has trained tens of thousands of students on how to successfully invest in tax liens and deeds. What this means is his students have made over 30 million dollars in profits by investing directly, passively and actively in tax liens and tax deeds.

Dutch is doing some innovative things this year and in 2021 that will literally change the game of real estate and is going to make all the difference in order to succeed in our changing economy. He has made moves since October of 2019 to be able to “WIN” during Covid while turning RECORD PROFITS for his investors during this past year.

Some of the Powerful Strategies Dutch will be sharing are:
– Sharing his Secret Techniques.
– Showing you things (approach, system) that others just don’t know how to do.
– Show you exactly how to make money during these trying times.
– When and how to INVEST at the “Right Time”.
– Exactly how to make money in Real Estate in 2021

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