Non-Profit Accountants & Tax Preparation Service

Nonprofit accounting and tax preparation are intricate, complex and specialized. The tax preparers at Robert Hall & Associates can assist with all aspects of non-profit accounting.  

Located in Los Angeles County since 1971, Robert Hall & Associates has made a name for itself in non-profit accounting and tax preparation. With years of experience in non-profit accounting and tax preparation, our firm has worked with numerous established and start-up non-profit to increase their impact and decrease their tax liability. 

Non-Profit Accounting and Tax Services  

Our track-record of working with non-profits is significant. In addition to tax preparation services we offer our non-profit clients financial management services including: 

  • Incorporation Services 
  • Tax Return Preparation 
  • Periodic Financial Reporting and Reviews  
  • Operational and Program Budgeting  
  • Cash Flow Analysis and Forecasting  
  • Grant Management 

Some of the many tax considerations we help with that are unique or indicative of the non-profit industry include: 

  • IRS Forms 990 and 990T:IRS Form 990 and 990T assistance. 
  • State and Local Tax Returns:We can prepare the state and local filings required for maximum tax efficiency. 
  • Application for Exemption: Completing and filing Forms 1023 or 1024 with the IRS for tax exemption approval. 

Whether you are new to the non-profit industry or a seasoned veteran, our non-profit accountants have the expertise to provide trustworthy personal and business financial advice in order to maximize your impact on the world.  

For additional information about our non-profit accounting services, call us at 818.242.4888 or fill out our contact form. 

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