How to Use Your IRA/401k to Invest in Real Estate

Tuesday, January 24 2023
Webinar: 7:00pm – 8:00pm PST

No one chooses to retire poor, or even with just the essentials to get by. Yet millions of Americans miss the opportunity to change the course of their financial future because they don’t know their options.

It’s time to arm yourself with the facts.

Statistically, nearly half of all retirement account holdings are invested in mutual funds managed by professional investment advisors. Unfortunately, about 80% of all mutual funds historically have underperformed the stock market after accounting for the heavy fees charged by actively managed funds. For the small percentage of investors who manage to beat the odds and enjoy better-than-average growth in their investments, the IRS waits on the horizon to collect its chunk of the profits.

The challenge to growing your fragile nest egg is two-fold: the first is to make money, and the second is to keep as much of it as the law will allow.

Remember, absolutely no one cares about your financial future as much as you do! Now is the time to take control and seek proven investments outside of the status quo offerings of professional asset managers that limit growth.

Self-Directed IRAs and Solo 401(k) are an ideal solution. You can move all or just a portion of your traditional IRA holdings to a self-directed retirement plan.

During this event, you will learn to:
– Use your retirement funds to invest in real estate or be the bank, tax-deferred
– Diversify your retirement portfolio into real estate and mortgages/trust deeds
– Access your retirement funds to make the investments you want when you want
– Make investments quickly without delay
– Understand financing options to leverage the money inside your retirement account
– Make investment decisions without requiring custodial consent
– Save on high annual custodial fees
– Obtain check-book control over your retirement account

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