How to Buy Investment Property in 2023

Thursday, March 23rd 2023
Webinar: 6:00pm – 7:00pm

It’s always an honor to have the team from Marshall Reddick Real Estate talk about investing! There are many factors to consider on your real estate investing journey that can affect your overall return and ability to build a passive rental portfolio.

Their presentation includes an entire overview of real estate investing in today’s market from A-Z including:

• Best cities in the country to invest in real estate
• Understanding Property Classes and which property is right for you
• How to evaluate an investment property
• Conducting due diligence
• Financing options for investment property
• How to crunch the numbers and calculate financial returns
• Property management
• Asset protection and Insurance

Hear real-life stories in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format from team members and clients who have been successful in following these exact steps. The best part is, by attending this presentation you will have the opportunity to speak with a licensed Real Estate Advisor who can walk you through the entire process or provide any assistance you’d like for absolutely no cost. We do not charge a penny for mentoring.

This comprehensive presentation on real estate investing will leave you with the ability to start or expand your investing journey immediately.

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