How to Buy Investment Property

When: Tuesday, September  17th 2019

Check-in: 6:30pm

Seminar: 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Our premier presentation that includes an entire overview of real estate investing from A-Z. This is the most comprehensive 2-hour presentation on real estate investing on the planet. In fact, countless attendees have said, “I learned more here in 2 hours than I have in 2-3 day boot camps that I paid hundreds of dollars for.”

Hear real-life stories in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format. Guest speakers include mortgage and loan experts, asset protection specialists, and Real Estate Advisors who are all available for questions before and after the presentation. The best part is, by attending this presentation you will have the opportunity to work with a Real Estate Advisor afterward who can walk you through the entire process or provide any assistance you’d like for absolutely no cost. We do not charge a penny for mentoring!

During this presentation, the following roadmap will be covered in detail:
  • Assessing your current financial situation and setting goals
  • Determining your purchasing power
  • Conducting due diligence
  • Property management
  • Tax benefits of owning rental property
  • How to evaluate an investment property
  • Conventional financing, private financing, and retirement account-rollovers
  • How to choose where to invest
  • How to analyze the financials (actual deals)
  • How to eliminate as much risk as possible
  • What to do next!
Seating is limited so be sure to Register Now!

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