Employees – Your Best Asset or Your Worst Nightmare – Updates on Employment Law for 2020

When: Wednesday, May 6th 2020

Webinar: 11:00am – 12:30pm

Attorney, Cynthia Flynn will discuss employment law post COVID-19.
Businesses not only want to prevent employment lawsuits, we more importantly, want to cultivate great working environments that are respectful and thoughtful. How as this changed in the employment arena? How can we make sure that our staff are trained, and the business is protected?

Enrolled Agent, Tony Watson will discuss whether the CARES Act will reduce your tax liability. Wondering what tax implications it will have on your situation? During this presentation, Tony Watson of Robert Hall & Associates will help you understand what actions you can take now, as well as real life tried-and-true tax strategies used in the small business industry. You will be able to use these tips and tricks to navigate through the 2020 tax year and retain more of your business wealth into the next decade!

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