When: Thursday, September 24th 2020

Webinar: 7:00pm – 8:00pm

The National Expert on financial privacy and asset protection, Randy Hughes )Mr. Land Trust), has agreed to deliver a presentation for us during which he is going to explain how protecting your assets can actually cut your cost of real estate investing. Randy will discuss:

-Make bigger profits when selling on an installment contract
-Eliminate the risk of selling on a note or contract
-Make more money when selling on a lease – option
-Eliminate confrontations with tenants
-Combine this one essential step with LLC’s for dy – no – mite asset protection
-Avoid due – on – sale, transfer taxes, re – assessment upon sale and seasoning issue
-Obtain privacy of ownership and avoid frivolous lawsuits
-and Much More!

Also, are you in the real estate industry and are wondering how incorporating can protect you? Don’t miss this exciting webinar to see if incorporating is right for you and how it could offer tax benefits that could save you money. During this webinar, Tony Watson will discuss:

– Entity selection: LLC, C Corp, S Corp – Tax implications of each
– Is incorporating right for me?
– How do I pay myself a reasonable salary?
– Can I rent back my in-home office to myself?
– Can I incorporate in a different state to save money?

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