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Los Angeles Tax Lien Representation   

Few situations are a stressful as dealing with a tax lien from the IRS.

Any surprise communication from the IRS is always going to introduce a little bit of anxiety. But when you open an envelope and discover that the IRS is assessing a tax lien on a property or asset you own, things suddenly become very serious.

Luckily, these situations can be a navigated with the help of a trained tax preparation firm.

Tax Lien 101

Any tax lien from the IRS is a situation best avoided, if possible.

Tax liens are basically a legal process started by the US government to “stake a claim” against specific property or assets owned by individuals that owe back taxes to the IRS.

It’s important to understand, that just because a lien has been placed on a property or asset doesn’t mean that it’s been seized, that it’s been taken from an individual, or that it has somehow changed hands and is now owned by the IRS or the government.

It also doesn’t mean that the outstanding tax liabilities have been resolved, either. It just means that extra pressure is being added to the situation to get individuals to pay their back taxes (and any other financial penalties) as quickly as possible. Continuing to not pay outstanding tax balances after a lien has already been placed can result in forced sale of assets.

Why Proper Los Angeles Tax Lien Representation is Critical

There are a couple of reasons to pursue proper Los Angeles tax Lien representation. Like any other government agency, the IRS does make mistakes – even when it comes to the magnitude of tax lien situations!

Proper Los Angeles tax Lien representation can help individuals understand whether these liens are legitimate, whether these liens can be discharged or withdrawn, and whether these liens can be subordinated.

On top of that, legitimate Los Angeles tax Lien representation can help individuals move through the Lien release process as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Experts are going to be able to get these back tax situations squared away quickly, can often negotiate aggressively with the IRS to reduce back tax responsibilities, and maybe able to get the lien lifted before these back tax responsibilities are paid off in full as well.

Finding the right experts to help is essential, though.

Be sure to read reviews, testimonials, and case studies from real clients that have worked with the tax experts up for consideration. Look at their blog, read any articles they may have written, and really try to get a feel for their expertise in this area.

Reach out for a consultation, too.

Getting these experts on the phone (or meeting them in person) to see how they would manage a specific tax lien situation can help simplify the decision-making process in a big way!

Customized Los Angeles Tax Lien Representation

We’d love to sit down and talk about your tax situation and how you can protect as much of your income as possible – legally, ethically, and responsibly.

If you’d like personalized help for navigating the often confusing tax situation post-coronavirus, please don’t hesitate to contact Robert Hall & Associates at your earliest convenience via the webform here, by phone at 818-452-2641 or reach me directly via email at [email protected]


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