Robert Hall & Associates accounting firm has 45 years of professional tax consulting to the small businesses of Glendale, Pasadena, Burbank, and other surrounding California cities. Get small business tax planning and preparation tips and advice to help you manage cash flow, plan for growth, assess risks, keep your books in order, and more below.

Small Business Concerns for the California-Based Entrepreneur

  California enjoys a booming economy fueled in part by major industries like entertainment, technology and agriculture, but there are also countless small businesses contributing as well. That said, the state is known for being a fairly difficult place to operate in, and businesses are taxed notably higher than in many other states. If you…
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Common Small Business Tax Mistakes You Can Avoid

  Navigating the tax landscape can be tricky for small businesses, especially for relatively new small business owners. There are a number of common, easy mistakes a small business can make that will end up costing money in fines and penalties. Fortunately, these errors can be avoided. Here are some common small business tax mistakes,…
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Tax Planning Essentials for Pasadena Business Owners

  Tax planning is crucial for businesses in the Pasadena area and beyond, yet many business owners wait until tax time each year to take a look at their annual tax burden. It is far more effective—and profitable—to sit down with a tax professional in advance and on a regular basis, in order to maximize…
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